The 4g lte gps tracker system consists of several parts

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The 4g lte gps tracker system consists of several parts

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The 4g lte gps tracker system refers to the location positioning service for vehicles, personnel, etc., using GPS satellites as a positioning means. It relies on GPS global positioning satellites and ground network data transmission, and realizes the monitoring and management of the vehicle position through the tracking and positioning of the GPS locator. The positioning process can be roughly divided into three parts:

1. GPS satellite, GPRS ground network, GIS geographic information system

These three are the basic support for the positioning of the car GPS positioning system. The GPS operating company uses the GPS global positioning satellites of the United States to determine the position of the GPS locator, and then returns the obtained position information through the GPRS data network and then parses it to the corresponding On the map of the map service provider, the location of the vehicle map that is intuitively reflected by the customer.

2. GPS positioning system service platform

Generally, it includes the operating company's GPS server for storing and processing data and the vehicle monitoring and management system used by the customer. It is a complete set of platform software for the GPS positioning system to achieve positioning.

Three, GPS locator equipment

The terminal equipment installed on the vehicle that needs to be located, on the one hand, it receives satellite signals to determine its position, on the other hand, it sends information such as position and status to the GPS positioning system server at regular intervals (such as 30s).

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