Ambulances with regular (1/2 ton to 1 ton) truck fronts. Aka, Type 1 ambos.
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An opportunity I could not pass up.

My brother works for an ambulance company. He calls me up in the summer of 2020 and says his company is looking to retire a pair of ambulances. He just bought one of them one. But it's the middle of the pandemic and I just lost my business because of it. I told him I cannot. It was the worst timing possible.

But then I did a terrible thing... I looked into the world of ambo rv conversions. For weeks I did the research into what it would take and the reasons why they are so great.

Then my brother did a terrible thing... He told me how much they wanted and I could not pass it up. I told my wife, she agreed and we had a new project!

So in July of 2020, I bought a 2010 F350 Type 1 Wheeled Coach ambulance with 330,000 miles. I was hesitant because the miles, but the rest of it looked fantastic.

THE PLAN: A fully customized, overland capable, self sufficient RV that can tow a cargo trailer. Use my 35+ years of maker experience to show others what can be done through DIY skills.

1. Fully gut the interior. Blank canvas.
2. Make as reliable as possible. Check all systems.
3. Separate box from cab
4. As big a solar power system as possible. No generator, if possible.
5. Only use electrical and propane for power.
6. Use unconventional components (mini-split AC, 110v fridge, etc...).
7. Fully custom interior with practical features and modern look
8. Overland exterior with trailer hitch, tire carrier, and bedliner applied.
9. Retro exterior colors for the hell of it.

Here's what it looked like the day i picked it up...

More to come.
200728 307 my first pic - small.jpg
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