The story of 9 Brand New 2006 E450 Ambulances.

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The story of 9 Brand New 2006 E450 Ambulances.

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I was asked to share this story. In the link below you will find a few pictures.
It is a bit of an advertisement for my company but it is not the point of my post. I just thought many of you would be interested in the story. A Quebec company started manufacturing ambulances in 2006. For many reasons, their plan did not materialize. As a result, a group of vehicles in the process of construction remained as they were on the day the work stopped, caught in a time bubble, a heated and humidity-controlled warehouse for 15 years. Well, these lost, these forgotten, will now have a new life! Today me and my company bought 9 completely new 2006 Ford E-450 ambulances! They have never been registered and they have never been driven. Officially they are not even completed and registered with Transport Canada. These trucks will become Overland Campers in the coming months as imagined by Wilfrid & Adelstan! ... 5626910694

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Re: The story of 9 Brand New 2006 E450 Ambulances.

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I grabbed a few pics for those that are not on FB...
158087927_213189100244680_7851255381119317839_o.jpg (465.59 KiB) Viewed 72 times
158560917_213191670244423_2420464901135020442_o.jpg (462.46 KiB) Viewed 72 times

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