Guide to play first goal and common mistakes to avoid for newplayer

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Guide to play first goal and common mistakes to avoid for newplayer

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In sports betting lounges, enthusiasts have the freedom to wager on a variety of odds and different payout ratios. Among them, betting on the first goal is considered an easy and potentially rewarding form of soccer betting. Do you know about this type of bet? What are the common mistakes to avoid when betting on the first goal? Don't miss the following top soccer tips to find answers to these questions.

What is the first goal betting?
Betting on the first goal is a type of wager where individuals predict the team that will score the first goal in a match. If you correctly guess the team that scores first, you emerge as the winner and receive the entire reward. On the contrary, if your prediction is incorrect, you won't receive any winnings.
The betting options for the first goal include:
Betting on Team A to score the first goal.
Betting on Team B to score the first goal.
Betting on both teams not scoring any goals.
Betting on a specific player to score the first goal.
In addition to the first goal bet, bookmakers also offer odds on the last goal, meaning individuals can wager on the team that scores the final goal in the match. Both of these betting forms attract a large audience due to their simplicity and potential for success.
Calculating winnings for correct first goal bets
The reason why many enthusiasts pay attention to the first goal bet is its simplicity and high payout ratios. So, how is the bonus calculated when you correctly predict the first goal? The formula for calculating the bonus for this type of bet is as follows:
Total Winnings=Chosen Odds for Your Bet \times Total Amount Wagered
The odds for first goal bets are determined by each bookmaker. Some bookmakers may offer lower bonus amounts, but compared to other odds, they can be more enticing.
Steps for betting on the first goal
Playing the first goal bet is not complicated; the betting process is similar to other types of bets. However, newcomers may still find it confusing. If you are a beginner, follow these steps:
Register an account: Sign up for a sports betting account on your chosen platform. Create a strong password for your account.
Deposit funds: Add money to your account to start participating in betting.
Access the platform: Go to the bookmaker's interface and select the "Sports Betting" section.
Choose the tournament: Pick the competition you want to place your bet on and select the odds for the first goal.
Complete the betting process: Finalize your betting action, then just follow the match and wait for the bookmaker's announcement after the game concludes.
By following these steps, you can enjoy the thrill of betting on the first goal while minimizing potential mistakes. Good luck!

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Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on the First Goal
Achieving a consistent winning record in football betting is not an unattainable goal. However, you may easily face defeat if you make one of the following mistakes.
Falling for Bait Odds: Some bookmakers often present tempting odds, and inexperienced players may opt for the over option. Stay vigilant and lean towards the under option for this bet.
Ignoring the Outcome: Many individuals lose hope and overlook the final goal bet after losing the first goal bet. Focus on monitoring the match to recover your bet by predicting the team scoring the final goal.
Lack of Match Information: Playing a bet without sufficient knowledge about the match can lead to vague decisions. Therefore, gather basic information such as team fitness, starting goalkeeper, midfielders, recent form, and the bookmakers' odds.
Neglecting Early Match Observation: Pay attention to the game right from the start, as observing early minutes will help you identify the stronger team.
Following Others' Bets: Betting based on someone else's prediction is a mistake to avoid. They might not be right, so conduct your research on both teams to avoid regrets when the results are announced.
Key Considerations for First Goal Betting
Specific rules are set for first goal betting to ensure clear and transparent result calculation. Therefore, take note of the following after quickly analyzing the odds for this type of bet:
Own Goals: If a player scores an own goal, the result is counted for your team.
Referee Decision Authority: The final result depends on the referee's decision.
Match Cancellation: If a match is canceled for objective reasons, the bookmaker will refund all bets.
Postponed Match with Goals: If a match is postponed but goals have been scored, the bet result still stands.
Canceled Bets without Goals: If a match is postponed without goals, all bets are canceled.
Result Calculation Timing: Bets are only calculated when a match has no goals. If a goal is scored, only final goal bets are applicable.
Choosing the Right Bookmaker for First Goal Betting
Many bettors believe that the choice of a bookmaker doesn't affect the outcome of a bet. This misconception can lead to unforeseen consequences when betting on unreliable platforms, such as loss of accounts, missing bonuses, or personal information leakage.
To ensure the safest experience, follow the lead soccer tips sites of experienced bettors and select a reputable bookmaker. Reliable bookmakers offer attractive promotions and have a professional customer support team. Moreover, opt for bookmakers with proper licenses to avoid legal issues.

After reading this article, you should now have a good understanding of how to bet on the first goal and the mistakes to avoid. All the insights shared here are compiled and filtered from the opinions of betting experts, allowing you to confidently apply them in online football betting!

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