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I called all the places directly and they all basically said we can't insure your ambulance. Then I called a local agent and they hooked me up. I mean I at least have Insurance, a card, and this dudes word.


I filled out the MV1 form and mailed it in with my payment and title... . 7 weeks later I got a letter saying I needed the schoolie conversation form. I called and they said that was a mistake and I just needed a signed letter outlining the 4 of 6 items I performed for the conversation (find that easily online). They said I could go into the madison office because they issues heavy vehicle plates. I ended needing to ammend my letter to add that it had a sleeping quarters, even though I don't remember that being on the list... anyway I walked out with my new title and my plates as well as a refund because I paid the new title fee which was more than the update fee..... or something. Overall it was slow and not super straightforward but ultimately easy and worth the effort due to the long term Registration costs.

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