Basic tips for getting AMBO insurance

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Basic tips for getting AMBO insurance

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Hey all,

For many I am sure these are very basic things but for some just getting started here are a few things you need to do when trying to coverage for your rig. If I leave anything out or am incorrect on anything, please comment on it. We are all here to learn. Anyway here is what I did to get coverage

I told my insurance guy that I have a Ford Box truck that I am using for Non-Commercial use. I just got liability coverage. My quote was $550 per year. As I build up my rig I will transfer it over to RV insurance.

If there is anything that I missed let me know. I was unsure about only getting liability coverage as I will be using the rig as a camper while I build it out.

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Re: Basic tips for getting AMBO insurance

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The big I thing I hear is to avoid saying the word "ambulance". Refer to it as an E350, E450, F350, F450, etc... and give them the VIN.

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