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New additions to the Museum of Poor Life Choices or Our 1967 Kaiser Jeep M725 (x2)

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:47 am
by alexhawnphoto
Howdy All! I just wanted to get the ball rolling and share a couple of my projects with everyone.

My Girlfriend and I recently purchased a couple of 1967 Kaiser Jeep M725 ambulances to convert into fun, do it all camper conversions. After getting the first one (the green one we affectionately call the Taj-Mahauler) we realized that it's phenomenal original condition, along with a decent cosmetic restoration precluded it from doing a resto-mod on that one. That doesn't mean that we aren't using as a camper, it's just a little bit more utilitarian in it's presentation.

So, I decided just to poke around on the interwebz where, lo and behold, I found the second one. It was in original condition, but hadn't been restored. The original drivetrain was intact and it ran and drove but needs brake work to be safe. So after talking myself into it, I proceeded to try my luck at talking my missus into it. I know some of you may initially think "yeah, good luck with that", however, I found an actual human female who not only tolerates my many personality defects, but also supports my poor life choices and is surprisingly easy to convince when presented with rational, logic based arguments to otherwise ludicrous propositions.

While our goal was initially to document the conversion process and make videos, we got a little carried away after our design talks and ordering of materials. We jumped right in and started the cosmetic interior transformation of the second one (the blue one, who's working title is The Blue Meanie), and the mechanical restoration of the Taj-Mahauler. Our current goals/thought process is that we'll make the Taj-Mahauler a solid, original beast that we can drive and enjoy (as long as the enjoyment doesn't exceed 55 mph) and do a body swap on the Blue Meanie to get modern conveniences like disc brakes, gearing that is more highway friendly, bolt pattern that has more that 2 wheel/tire choices, serviceable axles/engine/trans/transfer case, power steering and brakes.

Attached are some photos to get a visual of what we are working with and what we have done so far. I'll make sure to document and do write ups on our future mods.




Re: New additions to the Museum of Poor Life Choices or Our 1967 Kaiser Jeep M725 (x2)

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2022 7:31 am
by Hugh Heifer
These are so cool. Old iron is the best iron. I think it would be less fab work to upgrade the stuff currently on the frame rather than a full body swap. I am curious how this is going.