ARCHOIL - Snake oil or engine savior?

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ARCHOIL - Snake oil or engine savior?

Post by GeneticMaker »

I've never been a believer in oil additives. I remember Slick 50 in the 1980's a how much bunk it was. Even if chemistry has improved, how can 8 ounces of anything diluted in 2-3 gallons of diesel oil have ANY effect.

But then I buy an ambulance with 330,000 miles on the odometer. Not only that, but it has (arguably) the worst diesel engine ever made. The Ford 2008-2010 6.4 liter PowerStroke made by International Navistar. If you look on-line, this engine is garbage and dies a horrible death in under 200k.

So how has this one (and it's twin that my brother owns) survived this far? The ambulance company has done regular maintenance AND used ARCHOIL with every oil change. I have the records for the last 4 years of their ownership. Can this stuff be part of the longevity or was it just good regular maintenance? I looked up ArchOil on youtube and elsewhere and it's the usual "it's necessary" or "it's crap." ... B005UO70ZO

I'm going to a 5,000 mile oil / filter change and will add the ARCHOIL. It's an additional $45 every time. But an engine replacement or repair, is thousands of dollars. I'm just going to consider it a bit of insurance. Yes, I'm doing this against my beliefs, but if it will help the engine stay alive longer, it will be worth it.

I'd like to hear other's experiences with additives, especially those who have used them with diesels. Or if you are dead-set against them, please share why.

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Re: ARCHOIL - Snake oil or engine savior?

Post by Bungie4 »

I think their largely bazonga. But.

When i was a teenager I'd flip used cars. You know buy a cheap car with a mechanical fitness certificate. Clean and detail it, a little paint, a few new cosmetic pieces, and resell it +1000.

Well most of these burned a little oil, especially on startup. The cure? A tin of STP would do wonders for leaky valve seals and maybe even rings. I'm talking just mildly warn, not clacking and showing oil.

So, yes, they can make a difference. Are they a magic cure all. I don't think so.

That being said, i've been know to put an ounce of Lucas in my motorcycle tank a few times per year. It does run smoother, but i think it's mostly a feel good thing.

So long as it doesn't hurt anything, have at it.

I would be interested in knowing what ppl use for diesel additives... Antigel, injector lube...

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Re: ARCHOIL - Snake oil or engine savior?

Post by MikeOfBC »

Nylon stockings. That's what we shredded and put in the oil to move a smoker back in the 60's in east London. Works well for a couple of days.

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Re: ARCHOIL - Snake oil or engine savior?

Post by absolut_walrus »

I've always been a believer in the benefits of Seafoam. I've used it in my gas, in my oil, and in my intake in hope of long term benefits. Projectfarm on YouTube has alot of great experimental based reviews of many types of additives and they are totally worth the time to check out. The most convincing for seafoam was a test on an old noisy pick up truck. The results were convincing. I've also heard first hand stories of eeking out some extra miles on a slipping tranny using Lucas Oil Transmission additive.

I think they have their place but not total magic solutions to all claimed fixes. Also probably not needed under normal circumstances if general routine maintenance is performed on your vehicle throughout its life.

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